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Oppose the No Surprises Act Today!

As Congress rushes to pass its final end-of-year legislative package, the issue of surprise billing has come front and center in the form of the recent bipartisan, bicameral “No Surprises Act” aimed at protecting patients from surprise medical bills. Please find links to the legislative text and section-by-section analysis.

The American Academy of Otolaryngology (AAO-HNS) supports protecting patients from surprise medical bills that only add to patients’ already unbearable out-of-pocket costs, threaten to impede a patient’s decision to seek care, as well as disrupt the physician-patient relationship. Unfortunately, the “No Surprises Act” leaves many questions unanswered, which require further clarification before moving forward, including concerns that the legislation could lead to drastic reductions to in-network payments.

At a time when our nation’s physicians and their practices are facing extreme financial stress as they continue to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, now is not the time to adopt flawed surprise billing legislation. Policy of this magnitude requires adequate time for physician organizations, like the AAO-HNS, to sufficiently analyze, ask questions and seek clarifications. Congress should take the necessary time to seek a balance legislative solution which addresses the potential effect on physician practices and patient access to care.

Please contact your Senators now and tell them to stand up for patients and physicians by opposing the No Surprises Act in its current form!